Little Things That Make Your Day

When you have a banana and it’s just the right level of ripeness :slight_smile:

When a little bird sits on fence near you :slight_smile:

When you put on some socks you left on a radiator and they are a little bit toasty warm :slight_smile:


Getting to a crossing just as the lights turn red :slight_smile:

Good weather on your wedding day


Unexpected cancellation of a meeting


When I walk outside and quack at one of our ducks and they quack back ^▽^


My penis

Epimer’s penis


Wow you have ducks? How lovely is that!

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Came here to say seeing a Robin red breast (not Thursday etc…).

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We’ve got four: Harley, Spud, Plum, and Georgia. Cute wee things. I’ll take a photo when I get home ^▽^

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I’ll look forward to it!

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Found one photo on my phone! This one looks like Plum. Her, spud and Georgia are all that type (Pekin, I think). Harley is a Harlequin (basically the same but with black bits on the wings)


Ducks (and most birds really) always look so peaceful to me

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They’re a great bunch of lads!

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got fun feet too don’t they

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Sometimes I think it would be great to be a wild animal. No need to worry about work, responsibilities and bills to pay.

Then I remember that they have to find their own food every single day, and stand a fairly high chance of being eaten.


birds feel like they ought to be safe to me, like if you can fly and sleep way up in a tree you’ve got a good chance of living a full life

Yes, especially if you’re a sparrowhawk or similar.

the pigeons that visit here have a good time of it I reckon, mostly they just slowly casually peck around in the grass, sit on the shed and shit, then do a bit of kissing


They do! I’ll be home in just over an hour so I’ll go take photos ^▽^

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