Little tips thread

I’m watching the Sopranos on Now TV. If I watch an episode, then there’s an unskippable ad at the start advertising other films and TV shows they’ve got, which seems to show only for the first episode I watch in an evening.

What I’ve worked out is that if I hit “watch episode” at the end of an episode, so that the next one starts, then switch it off after a couple of seconds, I can pick up the episode at that point the next day WITHOUT the ad playing. This saves me from watching the ad again. Guys, I haven’t seen the ad in DAYS and I’ve been watching an episode every evening!


This sounds like marginally more effort than just playing an ad


By the end you’ll have saved enough time to watch another episode!


This is a good tip! Could have done with it on season 1 of Tales of the Unexpected not deep into 6 but you can’t have everything.

Tales of the unexpected is on now tv?

Yeah man. We’ve been watching an episode on Friday and Saturday nights since covid began I think. Some of them are unbelievably terrible but always kind of fun.

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Best episode so far =
Worst episode so far =

Worst one was where some people have others to stay and they put recording equipment in their room and discover that they cheat at cards and then decide to do it themselves in the future. This description is about 95% more exciting than the episode.

Not sure about the best but there is a creepy one where a landlady kills and stuffs young lodgers.

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On a similar tip: The ITV player pauses adverts if you click on another tab in your browser, meaning that you can’t look at another site during the commercial break.

But if you open the ITV player in a completely separate window, rather than just a separate tab, you can read other websites during the commercial break.

The early series were all Roald Dahl stories and, as you say, a mixed bag. ‘Royal Jelly’ is a hoot

Yeah he introduces a few other people’s after that then just disappears. Him with his lap tray is creepy as fuck as well.

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