Little Work Things That Astound and Annoy You

When I send an email outside my company, the email titles helpfully follow this pattern

Project Name/Code - Site/Client Number - Topic Under Discussion - Brief Description of Action Needed

I reckon this gives people a pretty good indication of the contents of the email, and makes locating said email again in the future pretty easy.
What sort of emails do I get back?

Re: patient

Thanks guys


What annoys you huns?

People trying to ring me on teams when I’m on a teams call


Got someone asking me for some translations I got done three years ago and I can’t find them because the translation agency don’t use our reference number in the emails but send it with a meaningless “translation enclosed” subject line.


(Caveat: doesn’t apply to my new job. Everyone seems great and good at what they do)

People asking me for IT advice rather than just calling IT because I know how to use my equipment because I’m not a fucking idiot.


Haha that’s your fault that is

I was recently helpful towards a new starter and now they constantly ping me for help. I don’t really mind, but I’m not even their mentor so there’s not an easy way for me to get credit for it :woman_shrugging:

That would annoy me and I have a similar issue where a shop will contact someone, who’ll forward the email to me, except the shop have called the email something like “Equipment”, so I’m forever scrolling through email threads looking for a signature that’ll tell me which shop the person who sent the original email works at.

Our general ledger system doesn’t automatically return results in date order, which is really frustrating. Imagine if your banking app just returned all of your transactions in the last year in a completely random order.

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That sounds suboptimal

Most of them’re barely literate and have basically no insight on anything work or otherwise. I guess that’s not little.

we transitioned to a new finance system just before xmas

it all got fucked up so everyone we owe money to is annoyed and threatening to terminate services

and when there is actually a task to do, no one can remember how to do it cos the training was given before xmas


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Our drawing issue sheet template is automatically dropped into a new project when it’s set up on the system. It has several formatting errors in it.

I’ve tried correcting it, but somehow, someone in our office keeps on screwing it up in the source version every couple of months, and it drives me nuts.

can i be honest? long subject lines! :smiley:


One of my team called me at 7.55am on Teams and then again at 8.10am. People pulling shit like that!

The general public.


Another one:

PEOPLE WHO… don’t use the YYMMDD format when naming files or e-mails.


people who do, tbh
you can’t base your filing system on something that is just wrong and confusing and 90% of people won’t follow anyway.


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