Little Work Things That Astound and Annoy You

I use yyyy-mm-dd because yy runs too much risk of confusion between date and year for certain dates if seen out of context, as most people will assume it’s dd-mm-yy. And I only use it for things that are going to be stored in file name order. No point using it for emails because they’ll be in sending date order.


People who are polite on teams.

“Hi safebruv how are you?”

Just ask me the question so I can leave in unread if I don’t want to deal with it


that is absolutely perfect, no need to even enter text in the body of the message

Yeah i get this. I get a message off a night shift IT person at 4am saying “Good morning Alexa” (not my name), no further detail. I log on 6 hours later, person is now offline.


The unreal level of bureaucracy inflicted by IT in getting anything promoted from development to Live. Once missed an arbitrary deadline by 2 actual earth minutes and they tried to claim I wouldn’t be able to get it promoted for about 6 weeks. Bunch of sad boys.

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Oh my god this is the worst. Sending a message that says hi, you reply and then there’s a half hour gap before the respond again. Let me know if I can go do something else!

People who I regularly converse with spelling my name wrong :slight_smile: I just don’t understand. I SIGN OFF EVERY EMAIL WITH THE SAME SPELLING

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Has just happened here.

“Got an idea… for the [project]… need your help”

I replied literally within 10 seconds saying “go on, i’m all ears…”

Left on unread for 15 minutes so far.

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Nobody dates emails, that’s what metadata is for

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Sorry that happens Prevo

  • This is a thing
  • This isn’t a thing

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Someone shared a OneDrive folder with me the other day called ‘Files’.


managers who just tell you what you need to be better at without giving any structural support or advice or anything to help you achieve it


Were there files in there?

it’s a wrong thing, but a thing for sure

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For emails specifically? Not a thing


Many files.

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My manager in an old job I had gave me ‘manager training’, as I was taking on a team with no prior experience. The training involved her just sitting in the 1-2-1s I was leading and berating me about it not being very good after

I quit, quite quickly (tongue teaser) and haven’t had a management role since

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oh, emails? Yeah that isn’t a thing. Jesus Christ.