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when using a company’s “live chat” customer service, in the event that the customer service adviser has managed to resolve your query and you’ve been polite enough to thank them, do you wait for them to ask the inevitable “is there anything else i can assist you with?” before you close the chat window?

always feel like a bit of a prick for closing it before they ask but i’ve covered everything i need help with in my initial message

got any live chat, chat…?



even if you know you’re going to answer “no”?



I always wait for them to conclude their side of proceedings and then thank them and wish them a good day


I think I’ve only used one of these once. It was Microsoft, and it was fine.

what a monstrous waste of time

It’s never a real person so I just close it.

just used EE’s, it was surprisingly painless

Alright Bez

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please don’t sully the interaction i’ve just enjoyed with jaspreet from EE by implying he’s a robot


But enough about DiS.


Hi @fitzcarraldo ! Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes I often wait for the chat to reach a natural end before closing the window.

Thanks for your question. Is there anything else I can assist you with?


Hi Scott

Thanks for your speedy and concise response

I think that covers everything for today

As my dear old gran used to say - may the lord bless ye and the devil miss ye*

*apologies if this religious reference is offensive

I used to do live chat for Amazon. Was able to work two chat windows at once. Pretty easy work compared to being yelled at on the phones. Used to listen to Kraftwerk loudly and hammer through the chats.




They’re not a robot, most of EE’s chat agents are in a contact centre in India or Manilla - a few might be based in the UK as well, but most are in the international sites.

The “live” name is redundant isn’t?

Keith from AT&T is @anon5266188

had a great run in with DPD’s ‘live chat’ the other day

was expecting a delivery on Sunday - they started calling me from Friday about it, told them i wasn’t back in London yet

on Sunday I stayed in all day despite my ‘one hour window’ passing - go to use the ‘live chat’ in the afternoon because it popped up asking if i needed help and even suggested ‘when is my package arriving?’, and it instantly, the moment i sent the message, sent me one back saying ‘we are unable to assist with this enquiry, please call customer services’ - WHY OFFER ME IT AS A SUGGESTION THEN

anyway, package never arrived, website said it was because ‘courier had no way of contacting recipient’ despite them calling me the 2 days prior to that, i booked it for redelivery on Monday, it said ‘held in depot’ all day Monday and yesterday they sent it back to Nike without telling me

anyway, live chat, much like all courier companies, is a crock of shite

thank you for letting me get that off my chest DiS, much appreciated