Live Long And Prosper! It's the May 4th Daily Thread

Had a shocker of a night’s sleep - gales rattling doors, tipping rain.
Need coffee
Watcha up to today DiS?

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Bank Holiday made me forget it was bin day.

Needed to go to the tip anyway to get rid of a load of cardboard, might as well take a few bin bags along too…

Going to take the dog for a walk and then shelter from the wind and rain all day.

Just enjoying a spot of breakfast


Wonder who’s gonna take your bait, NV

Anyway, morning all! I’m just getting out of bed to get ready for my overnight trip to a tiny uninhabited island. Book, knitting, firewood, woolies are the MVPs on my packing list.


checks watch


Police helicopter was doing its thing from 5.14 onwards :sleeping:

Got meetings all day :sleeping:


Toddler slept terribly. I’ve been awake since 4. First day in the office since the one day I did back in like October. CBA.

Morning, I’m currently self-isolating after someone at work tested postitive but, I’m also WFH.

Anyway Mrs Roughyed has gone on a visit and there is nothing but Sprite and Wispa Bites in the house until the shopping arrives at lunch. Breakfast of Champions :neutral_face:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Got up early, couldn’t sleep. Decided I don’t like my new haircut, looks stupid. Stuck with it now.

Trying to sort out selling my flat. Been on hold to my housing association for 20 mins now…

And had to leave an answer phone message and they will never ring me back. Fucking fuck fuck off

I’ve been going through a spell of not being able to face much breakfast in the mornings, so I surprised myself this morning by making and eating American pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup


I vaguely promised to bike ride tonight but I hate it when it’s blustery like this and I want to stay home and watch films so I’ll make an excuse the excuse will be it’s too windy

Morning alllll

Long week of work ahead but it’s all okay <3 the mrs is booked to go back to France in July and the relief in organising that beats literally everything else

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Gonna do 8 hours work.

Tempted by curry for breakfast

Morning kids,

It’s a weirdly intense week this week - A bank holiday, obviously, but Jimbo’s off on thursday because his school is being used as a polling station, and friday is another one of work’s zoom free fridays. Better get on with it, eh?

Had this yesterday. Great breakfast.

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Happy Chris Packham is 60 day! <3 <3 a fountain of youth


Tired mates. Didn’t even do anything this weekend

thought he’d be about 50 tbh

Never sure who Chris Packham is tbh.

I thought he was in The Thick of It but he’s not.