Live Long And Prosper! It's the May 4th Daily Thread

I know I’ve had a shower today cos I’m dressed and I only get dressed after a shower and I don’t smell. But I have no memory of taking a shower today :ghost::skull:

I’m currently trying to balance out my 10 remaining days of annual leave over the next 2 months but in such a way that I’m not out for more than 2 working days at a time. It’s going to be a very chilled out few months!


i’m definitely not too hot

I didn’t leave the house yesterday, couldn’t get out at lunchtime and want to go for a walk now, but it’s pissing it down again.

If I go out for a bike ride I’m going to get rained on. But if I don’t go I won’t leave the house. But I’m not sure if I cbf. Tough decisions

Afternoon all!

I’ve been into work with a class for the first time since March last year. It was predictably awkward considering everyone was wearing masks.

I haven’t really had time to do much else today.

Wor Lass has made mince and dumplings for tea. It’s a 10/10 meal as far as I’m concerned.

Sacked off work so i could lie under a blanket.

Ginger biscuits are much better for dunking!! :rofl:

(sorry to hear about your mug)


:joy::joy: I’m quite partial to a ginger biscuit…

Thankyou, I said a sad farewell as it went in the bin just now.

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So snacky today, think I’ve been chewing like 45 mins of every hour. What is this!

Peak performance