Live performances/music videos that make you want to stick around

I can most definitely help keep this thread going, would love to see what everyone has to share!

There are thousands of brilliant performances by The Smashing Pumpkins that I could post, but here’s a high quality, accessible, enjoyable classic that also shows how likable they were.

And I have to post one of the extended Thru the Eyes of Ruby they were doing on the Mellon Collie tour:

And of course this version of Fuck You from the final show since it’s a classic:

The tuned down version of Zero they were doing on the Machina tour was probably the highlight of any show I’d been to. I love it whenever he screams the final verse of a song.

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A few great QOTSA ones. Wish I had gotten to see them live.

Misfit Love

Song for the Dead (with Dave Grohl on the drums)

The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died

Such an exciting band at this time.


Amazing live cover by The Afghan Whigs:

Another personal fav

I like this for the setting:

I like this for the Scots:

I like this for the ridiculously good vocals:

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