Live Performances You Have Slept Through



All festival experiences for me

Mogwai at Glastonbury
Sleater-Kinney at ATP (though it was only a quick doze and I woke up when the security guard flashed his torch in my eyes)
Isis at ATP

None of them bad performances, just the time of day and how I was feeling. Particularly recommend the Isis one.


muse at leeds. tremendous kip, would recommend


Several at the EITS ATP, maybe Four Tet and The Field?


Eluvium for me. Was sitting on the floor at the time.


One of my dad’s friends, age 15, ran away from home in the north east to see Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight festival. Waiting for Jimi to come on it was quite late, and he fell asleep, only waking up just as the set finished. Then on the way home he got caught hiding in the train toilet trying to skip the fare, and got arrested. Jimi Hendrix died two weeks later.


The aptly named The Thrills at Reading 2003. They were on before The Mars Volta, so I’d sparked up a jumbo doobie, laid back and relaxed to some actually rather enjoyable and soothing music.


My TV recently slept all the way through Jesus and Mary Chain doing Pyschocandy with ear splitting feedback.

What i’d give to sleep anywhere and anytime like that.


Fionn Regan in the church at Live at Leeds. Sorry Fionn.


Having sex with yer maw


Godspeed at the ATP they were curating


22-20s, supporting Supergrass. It was seated. Good nap that was.


Children of Bodom when they supported Slayer in the Point Theatre in 2006.


Half of Megadeth at Download in 2010. Was shattered/wasted. Didn’t miss sweating bullets though, so winner.


dozed off in the middle of grouper in a church a few years back - still enjoyed it though.
same with julia holter at shepherds bush last month - think this was ok though because Lee Ranaldo was sitting in the row in front of me and I noticed him dozing off a little earlier in the set.

Think when it’s a seated gig, there’s at least an 80% chance I will doze at some point.


Fell asleep watching the Flaming Lips at Green Man (very annoyed with myself for this one) and John Grant in a church, though only for a bit and I saw him do it again quite soon after so it was no loss really.


Michael Kiwanuka at Latitude in both 2012 and 2016, a very soothing presence. Marika Hackman at Green Man last year.

This is an affront to many of my most dearly held beliefs and values.


The room was spinning, I was not in the best of ways


Had a nice nap during James Holden the other day. Also slept through all of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ATP set, though I got my mate to wake me up for Maps obvs.

When I went to the Proms and got the cheapo £5 tickets up at the top balcony there seemed to be a culture of people napping through everything, even bringing blankets and pillows with them. That’s some nice napping.

Does blacking out count for this thread btw? Because I ‘saw’ Blonde Redhead at ATP and apparently very much enjoyed them, but I can’t remember a thing about their set.


Iron maiden. They just played their new album (at the time) in full! Well dull. Woke up for run to the hills encore though.


Hello me again!