Live versions that you prefer to the original


Just listening to Galaxie 500’s wonderfully ragged live version of “Don’t let your youth go to waste” which couples with their cover of their Beatles Rain. I think this version is arguably better than the original which I love.

I’d also go for:
The Verve - Gravity Grave (live at Glastonbury) - mad Richard screaming “one minute left” (like Steve McMahon to the kop) and then the cathartic freakout that follows from the band and vocalist

Radiohead - I might be wrong…and in fact many versions from the live l.p. of that name

Rodan - small things, big things and milk and melancholy from 15 quiet years …post rock par excellence

Ramones - blitzkrieg bop …the original seems too slow by comparison

Fugazi - burning …from the dischord comp complete with shout out to Fire Party


All Talking Heads stuff. I only really listen to stop making sense, I’ve heard a couple of their albums but the production and performances mostly sound anaemic to me


I reckon Faith No More’s live version of War Pigs is better than Sabbath


Whilst I love their records I do get your point… several tracks on “the name of this band” match or improve on the originals…


Much Dylan stuff, not sure where to begin.


Definitely Burning Down the House


Mogwai- ‘I Know You Are But What Am I?’ live is the only way to go with that track.


even remain in light? don’t say that bam. no.


think that’s the main one I heard




Nick Cave’s Mercy Seat… the version from Live Seeds is unbelievable


Came here to say this! Also this live version of Jubilee Street on the Give Us a Kiss single:


aww its perfect. born under the punches was my listen-to-over-and-over-again-getting-stoned song when i smoked weed. how disjointed and layered it is and then the vocal just moves through all warm and lovely.



Coked up Lou was the best Lou.

The guys are just having a great time, jamming away then sometime around the two minute mark it kicks in and you realise what’s going down.



REM - Country Feedback on the Later special. I also absolutely adore the version on Road Movie from their Monster tour.


This belter.



definitely. album version is fairly generic pro-tools post-rock. the drums and guitar effects in the live version are essential


Saw that tour a few times, nye 98 with New Order a particular highlight.