Liver is the nicest meat

…and it’s not even close.

Why are people so scared of saying it?

Best texture, nicest taste, cheapest.

Liver, onions, gravy and a good colcannon - pisses on any steak.

Called it again.

I’m not grown up enough to enjoy it

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It’s very very good but not quite top of the tree.


Instant gout I reckon, not even worth it

chicken liver on brioche is the best starter i’ve ever had at a restaurant.

other livers are great too.

but its not the nicest meat. rare miss here, tbh.

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I’m ever so sorry but I violently dislike it.
I’m glad you enjoy it though! In fact, me never eating it means more for you!

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As a goutman, I can confirm this, but I’ll still keep eating that garbage (as long as I take my daily tablet)


At some point it’ll all click into place - you’ll have a stand-up wee and eventually a mature palette will develop.

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We can but hope

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My mum used to feed us overcooked bone dry liver with no gravy as a kid :nauseated_face:

I have had some nice liver in restaurants, it is good, don’t really see it that much (I probably just don’t go to the right ones)

Never occurred to me to cook it myself

Had a blinding pigeon starter recently in a pub in Yorkshire.

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I can understand why people don’t cook it. Its hard to cook if like me you’d burn a Pot Noodle. Also, it looks like guts in the packet.

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oh no.

blergh. blergh blergh blergh.

Very easy to cook it badly but yeah liver and onions cooked right with a good dollop of dijon is one of the finest meals I’ve had.

Used to like chicken livers too.

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Used to have chopped liver & onions every Saturday when I was a kid, it was the only meal my dad ever cooked and was a nostalgic tradition from his jewish childhood

It’s alright

Used to go to my parents’ friends house every Christmas lunchtime for a buffet thing and they always had chicken livers wrapped in bacon on cocktail sticks. Delicious.

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Chicks on sticks

Chicken livers and chicken hearts were one of my favourite things from the Brazilian bbq in Nottingham (rip)