Liverpool. A meat.

Any Liverpool disers?!

Anyone up for a meat on Sept 20th?

Isn’t that when a manc meat with @Gnometorious and @Avery might happen? I’m at AFX that evening at WHP unfortunately. Up for a Liverpool meat another time

I’m a Liverpool diser!

I don’t think I’ve got anything on then, so could be up for a meat


i saw the word ‘meet’ written down somewhere recently and i thought ‘ha, they’ve spelled it wrong. idiots. wait…’

thanks dis


yes that is indeed the weekend we are in Manchester.

Ah, I thought you were only here on 21st. I’m not trying to be a rival meat btw, I’ve got Daniel Kitson booked and only just remembered about it!

(I also have a spare ticket to it…)

Never thought I’d be part of a fierce northwest rivalry, tbh!

Hopefully still see you on the Saturday.