Liverpool becomes first city to open fast walking lanes


Hope they do this in London. Dawdlers be damned!

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Would use it and feel pressured to not slow walk even if I’m tired, like the fast side of the underground escalators


yeah there’d definitely be some power walking heroes for whom nobody else would walk fast enough i’m sure


Bad idea I reckon, don’t get why everyone is in such a rush, if you wait for the green man at a crossing people treat you like you are getting in their way, why do they want to get back to work 30 seconds earlier. also reckon you would get people using it as an excuse to be really rude to others in the name of enforcing it, like how on trains you get quiet carriage enforcers who are often disproportionately worse than the people they are telling off. Haven’t read the article obviously


“ooh i’m mega important and have to get somewhere really quickly”

just chill out ffs


get out of my way!


quite like making my way through busy people traffic at high walking speed. recalculating the optimum route through the people, nimbling readjusting my path.

in a totally non-aggro way, obv.


guess if you’re in liverpool you’re probably in a hurry to leave


As Reading’s second fastest pedestrian, I’d say I like the idea of giving those who wish to block whole pavements for a chinwag an allocated area is a good idea, if it decends into people tutting people who are walking at a decent pace for their physique, then that’s a bad idea.


It won’t work because the slow walkers are also the people incapable of reading signs, or having any kind of proprioception, or knowing where they are or where they’re going, so won’t stick to their lane
That said, the only bonus of arriving in London around rush hour time is purposefully walking slowly when clocking a psychopathic fast walker and proper irking them I’mverybusygetoutofmywayohmygod


Bad idea because noone thinks they’re the slow walkers. Also dickheads in the fast lane would get more arsey about having people slower than them in the way (because someone’s got to be the slowest fast walker), having been made to feel even more entitled by having a fast lane.


Have you ditched the cycling?


the mentality behind this kind of thing is a major bugbear of mine, reminds me of how at work every so often on the intranet someone will have the bright idea that there should be a policy to restrict lift usage to people who travel a certain amount of floors (and each time they have to be told why thats a bad idea) like does getting back to their desks marginally quicker really matter that much, and often the ‘people who’ scenarios people complain about (i’ve definitely done it too) often conflate other people being inconsiderate with other people going about their business happening to impact upon them, it really strikes me as egocentric the public is not our own personal domain, but then I think my opinion on it is an example of it in that i’ve come up with a set of rules I think people should stick to and am annoyed when they don’t, bit off topic


But people do sometimes legitimately need to get places as a matter of urgency. It’s not always egocentric.Also life is short, I’d rather not spend a large portion of it behind crowds of people.

Also as a sufferer of Batphobia (not to do with bats, have difficulty in busy areas with tall buildings) and unfamiliar shopping spaces definitely trigger it for me more often than not (yes I know this example isn’t exactly universal), I’d like a fast exit route if it is triggered so I can swiftly escape and calm my panic attack. Also it’ll put the pressure off of people who want to take things in their own stride and take in the scenery or are less able to move fast due to physical constraints.

It’ll also allow people to power walk during their commute in built up areas, which is good excercise. There are totally dickheads out there but as far as I’m concerned there are benefits for both sides and very little downsides, we shouldn’t let dickheads ruin something that can shave prescious minutes off of their commute (it all adds up) HELL It might even encourage more people to walk to work


yeah I guess there a pros and cons, and valid reasons and less valid reasons for wanting it, my issues is definitely with people who are just always in a perpetual rush for no real reason


who’s the first?


they’ll still be stopping in doorways and at the bottom of stairs



yeah, nimbly


liverpool’s nice & the people there are nice


the levels of passive aggression and huffing when a hapless tourist accidentally uses one at a normal pace will be off the chart. how long before you start seeing people with gopros stuck to their heads berating slow walkers and uploading the footage to youtube?