Liverpool for a birthday weekend

Taking the wife for her 40th with another couple meeting us there. Two nights - any recommends for pubs/nice resaturants for a birthday meal or nice drinks? We’ve never been and always wanted to go.

Any other recommends for things to do over the weekend other than the obvious would be great. We’ll be four literary musos rambling about. Thanks!

Not been to Liverpool for over 10 years so don’t have any up to date recommendations, but would say that The Phil is a must visit in terms of pubs - possibly the most attrative pub I’ve been in:

Are both of the cathedrals obvious recommendations for sights? They are both great :+1:

Nice places to drink:

The Bridewell - Lovely pub in a Victorian police lockup with lots of great German beer

Petit Cafe du Coin - Picture perfect cocktail bar and really lovely service, plus nibbles and live jazz.

The Vines - Old boozer by Lime St given a new lease of life by a recent restoration, the back room in particular is remarkable. In my opinion has overtaken the Philharmonic as the most impressive pub in the city.

Places to eat:

Maray for middle eastern/Mediterranean small plates

Tiger Rock for South East Asian

The Blackburne Arms if you’re looking for a gastropub or Sunday roast

Absolutely loads of Chinese food: old school anglo-chinese restaurants on Nelson Street, authentic street food in Renshaw St Market, and a modern Scouse twist on Korean at KaiBaiBao.

For things to do, aye the red brick Anglican Cathedral is a great shout. You can buy a ticket to the roof from the gift shop - it’s a really fun and interesting climb!

The alternative shopping options aren’t as good as Leeds or Manchester imo but Probe Records and Dig Vinyl for new and vintage vinyl respectively are my personal picks record-shop wise.

The ferry would probably also be a good shout to have a good gander at the skyline.

Great, thanks so much! Loads of things here to add to the list

Wreckfish if you want a proper fancy birthday meal.
Sanskruti does fantastic vegan/vegetarian curries

second the Bridewell for a pub, or the Belvedere if you’re up by the Georgian Quarter (between the cathedrals)

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Nice to have a fancy option, thanks!

Would second Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral as somewhere to visit and Maray as somewhere to eat (I’ve only been to the one on Bold St, not the one on the Albert Dock). Love that Disco Cauliflower at Maray.

We’ve always enjoyed Gusto on the dock too. Bit of a chain, so not the coolest suggestion in the thread but it’s a nice cozy atmosphere especially as it gets dark in the evening.

The Phil is a beautiful pub, and worth a visit. On a tangent, was in there with my dad recently though and he insisted on showing me the toilets because of how fancy they are. I reluctantly followed him in, and in a loud voice as people were using the urinals he said “So, do you still want to take a photo in here?” No dad, I absolutely do not and never did!? Jeez :flushed:

The Bluecoat is central with interesting exhibitions on sometimes. There’s a cafe with an outdoor courtyard in the middle too which is a nice relaxed space for a coffee outside if the weather’s good.

I don’t know of you’re driving, but if so Mount Pleasant car park is a huge multistory that’s only a fiver for the full day (John Lewis car park nearby is over £20!)

They are mega, though

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Really like The Grapes (Roscoe Street one) and Ship & Mitre for a drink. Baltic Fleet is nice too…

Think you could make a case for Liverpool being the best pub city in the country tbh, loads of great options and I don’t even know it that well