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So I have got chance to go see Liverpool for cheap in half term with my youngest. Problem is it’s so far away…any tips on how to do cheap…YH are booked up in terms of family rooms, cheap air b and b look terrifying. Is air bandb better if I go around 100? Is Anfield central/easy to get to?


Anfield is not central. There are free shuttle buses from the main stations out to the ground, but we’ve always driven and parked up in one of the nearby industrial estates where there is security and they charge £5 per car.

Last time we were up there, we got a room at the Jury’s Inn near the docks for about £90, including breakfast.

only time I’ve been I just found somewhere on the street to park and there were loads of friendly local children who offered to look after the car for a quid as well

Ban them from supporting Liverpool while you still can? They’ll thank you later.

It’s too late for that. He does have Barcelona as his back up team though


Having looked at National express and the thought of me and him on a coach for 10 hours we are deffo driving!

Will look at Jury’s!

pass and move

Just had a look at where we parked the car - it was Tetlow Way. It’s up to you whether you like the look of it, or would rather catch the bus out there:

Your decision might depend on what time the kick off is, and whether you want to go to the museum beforehand. I’d say that the museum is worth it, but last entry is about an hour before kick off. Driving into the city centre to park up, and then catching a shuttle bus out could add a fair bit of time to your pre-match schedule.

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It’s the Liverpool groove.

Hate that I always get come on you reds in my head.

We have booked to stay on the road where Anfield is as an avoidance of taking an exhausted 7 yr old back across the city after the match.

Going to be tops :soccer:

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Anfield is actually quite central. No more than ten minutes in a car or taxi from the city centre and all the restaurants, bars, shops, etc. We usually walk it.

Have you ever walked it alone?


Or as a mother, with a 7 year old?

Joke went over your head unlucky

Oh yeah. Nice one.

My point was that it’s probably not worth sacrificing on the many, many amenities when you can be back in the centre for around £6 and well within ten minutes. Liverpool city centre’s lovely.

yeah Liverpool is a cracking city

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Oh yeah it is, but if you’re pushed for time to get up there for kick off, or the museum before it closes, then driving into the centre and then getting a taxi/bus out could add an hour onto your schedule before the match.

We’ve always stayed in the centre afterwards and spent the evening and next day there.

I used to go fairly regularly but not been for about 6 years. I used to drive from Nottingham and park in an Asda that is about a 10-15 minute walk away from Anfield. Getting out of Liverpool after the match was a bloody nightmare though.

yep like Marckee says we are literally just getting in, going to the museum, having some chips, watching the match (which kicks off at his usual bedtime so he’s going to be so knackered bu half time!) the thought of getting back into central Liverpool to just sleep and then drive home earlyish in the morning is just too much. if it were just me or if I had Mr S as backup I’d give it a go, but easy life is what i am choosing :slight_smile: