I’m getting a train to Merseyside today for 6 music festival.

Any of you going? Tickets still available for half of the gigs.

Also, and most importantly, where is good for coffee as I’m unlikely to get much/any sleep over the next few days?



I’m also on my way to Liverpool! On an easyJet flight from Malaga and I’m probably just going to cycle straight back to Manchester.

Hope you have a nice time Sean.

Bold St coffee is always good

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Tickets still available you say…

Sort of tempted to head down and try blag a ticket for the Liverpool - Spurs match on Sunday as well…

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As is the bagelry of you’re out towards camp and furness

Friendliest city in the UK.


If you have time, go to the Tate.

Arthur Jafa’s Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death is opening this weekend. Free entry.

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Moose Coffee is good, does excellent breakfast too. Filter and Fox is nice as well.

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Am staying nearby so will try to go before getting my train back on Monday.

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As prev. mentioned anywhere on Bold St. (Bold St coffee / Leaf)
What gigs you heading to?

We’re doing both day sessions at C&F then night at Olympia on Sat*, then Mountford Hall on Sun.
*pending getting a freebie through a BBC connection.

Apparently Snapped Ankles have replaced Gaika on sunday daytime.

Filter and Fox is great. Saw Leighton Baines there last time I was there, and if that isn’t a confirmation of quality I don’t know what is.

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Also are there running orders/set times available?

Gonna have to check out this filter and fox place, new one to me