That’s where the experimental jazz is :smile:

Also not into club nights. Just want a gig, or a quiz or something for an old whiny person in their late 30s (me)

I’d like that. Most of my own scouse family are too far out of the centre these days.

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Oxton and west Kirby actually.

And they’re all antisocial dicks so maybe not.

Think my dad used to live in West Kirby!

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Fucking love west Kirby tbh. Well nice. My mum used to work in the pharmacy there before she moved south for nurse training.

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Future Yard is absurdly nice, worth a visit if you haven’t been yet even if it’s during the day for a pastry or whatever.

I’m not really on the radar for rock / quiz stuff per say, although I’ve been smashing the Jacaranda recently and they have rocky gigs on downstairs most weekends and play lots of good music. They’re a genuine independent legend and they’re open until stupid o’ clock, I’m always in there

Also the Bridewell for nice German pints and Petit Cafe for cocktails. The latter is just about the loveliest place in the world on a good night, last time I was there they had a crooner in doing loads of standards and it was really good.

A pal from uni is coming up on the weekend for her birthday so I’ll be gently steering her into any and all of the above places.

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Ace, thank you :relaxed:

Keystone on hope St (where clove hitch was) has a quiz on Mondays, but it’s an ace pub and my mate Charlie runs it and she’s awesome so you should visit anyway


I will as hope street is the home to my favourite William Mitchell mural (which is my avatar on here)

If you do, the salt & pepper tater tots are to die for

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Omg petit cafe :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Had a cocktail that was so good I almost cried. Lemon meringue in a glass. And the… owner? The main waiter anyway was THE BEST. We were there for about 4 hours.


Botanical Garden shared a post on Instagram: "COMPETITION——- LAUNCH TIME 
LAUNCHING THIS WEEK AT @sottoliverpool is the wonderful tasty @bakesaleliverpool !!!!

It’s been so much fun changing some bits around to now work with Bakesale bringing some...

New cafe type thing opening on Wood Street, doing the “spilling over the sides” thing with a coffee, never seen it done before.

Edit: video isn’t loading properly! Oh well