Living Alone

Does anyone do it? If I could afford to live alone in a decent enough area, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Could probably afford to do it now, but would involve moving to zone 4 or some bollocks. Just so much happier when I’ve got my own space and don’t feel forced into socialising with people all the time.

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Not alone, look forward to it though (perhaps naively)

I lived alone from age 22 - 25. Was thoroughly miserable pretty much all of the time. Your mileage may vary.

I had a cash flow shortage say 10 years back and spent a year and a bit living with other cunts. fucking terrible. could’ve killed em all.

in summary - live with gf/wife/partner or on your own. the other option is fucking dreadful

Currently living alone but can’t afford it, so looking for somewhere shared at the moment. I’ve not lived in a shared house (ie with friends/randoms) for years so it’s going to be weird getting used to.

I do live on my own buuutt see the girlfriend about 5 nights a week with at mine or hers so it doesn’t get that lonely.


living with TV counts as living alone.

No it doesn’t you silly twat


I like it / dislike it

I have my kids with me 3 nights a week - so not alone all the time

Not sure I would want to have a flat/ housemate, and there is definitely something to be said for having your own space - but it would be good to have someone to come home to I think.

I think I’ve got a bit too used to it though (6 years) - think I might find it difficult to share with another adult now with their own stuff/ mess/ TV preferences etc

I make the fucking rules.

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I remember some cunt I lived with bleaching the whole shower room, but no telling anyone. I waltzed in like a fucking boss and within 2 minutes I was in complete agony. it was a bit like this:

I really, really miss living alone. There’s no better living situation for an introverted, misanthropic joy vacuum such as myself.

It’s too late for that (and it’s totally wrong)

like fuck does it


I think it depends on where you live alone.

I could do it in a city, with friends that I could meet up with and invite over, but in a town in the sticks, a car drive from anywhere? Not for me.

I lived in shared houses from 18-35 and enjoyed it (plus it allowed me to save money), but there comes a time when you get fed up of having to live around people you haven’t chosen to spend your time with.

i’m specifically talking about living with housemates. I might as well have made this a thread about perpetually being alone if we’re talking about living with the TV.

Come on lads, don’t be silly.

It’s cute you class you and the tv as one person but it really doesn’t by any definition of ‘alone’.

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love the idea of this, and i like nothing more than when my housemates are out for the day or night and i hve the place to myself. but tbh when they’re away for a few days i seem to get really depressed quite quickly for some reason.

I live alone so basically this is me most weekends.