Living Alone


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take it to the poly thread.

Only lived with a stranger once and he turned out to be a psychopath. Not for me, Clive.

If it counted as being alone then that great feeling of having the place to yourself wouldn’t exist.

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You might get on better with someone with a less psychopathic name than Clive.

Also, that feeling of loneliness and abandonment.

that glorious, glorious feeling of loneliness and abanndonment


house shared from 18-28. never, ever again. would rather live in a total hole of a bedsit than share a house tbh


Quite want to because my housemate is a profoundly useless person but it’s so cheap to live with someone and I’m barely there these days. My opinion on this changes daily depending on just how useless he’s being on any given day though.

i never get that but perhaps that’s because it follows me around wherever i go

I live alone.

Bit surprised by the amount of people who think it’s lonely to live alone. Couldn’t be further from the truth. You can feel lonely when you’re with your significant other, you can also feel alone when others aren’t around.

I’d be keen to hear stories from those who moved out from their parent’s place at a relatively late age (23-28) and whether they enjoy living alone as much as I do (I’m 25). I say this because:

It’s fucking fantastic.

I can boil the kettle whenever I want to, masturbate as loudly as I like and drink until the world crumbles around you. Wake up half-pissed when you have work the next day, piss right into the centre of the bowl, you know, right into the water. Just a glorious feeling.

There is no judgement. Nobody to tell you that your habits are destructive and unhealthy.

Actually, now that I think about it; I probably need someone to fill that void. A story for another time. It seems that pleasure does not ultimately outweigh that happiness inducing act of socialising with human beings.



You’re right that you can feel alone with a partner/in a group but I think a lot depends on where you are with your life and what you’re doing. At 25 I imagine you’re out with your friends etc a lot of the ‘me time’ is a welcome break.

When I lived in a house share I spent a lot of the time at home on my own cos my housemates were annoying but I did see my friends loads.
Now I’m older and most of my friends have left the city/country or got shacked up with partners/kids I don’t see my friends as much and as I live alone if I didn’t have the gf for company most days I’d get really lonely.

Interesting that you assume that, because of my age, I’d be more likely to socialise. I actually don’t spend loads of time with friends, mainly because I haven’t gotten any yet.

I moved away from my parents and friends to find work. Sure I’ve met a few colleagues, and we get along, but I’m yet to make a good, trustworthy mate in the almost three years I’ve been working.

I think it’s because I’ve chosen to eschew social media. In someways, I feel this board is a good friend. No user in particular, but the general atmosphere, interests and things people are talking about. I can’t seem to find anybody similar in RL.

Strangely sentimental there at the end.

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