living from 1906 until 2019

as long as podcasts still exist

I don’t so much want to live to a 100, but im very interested to see what the streets, buildings etc will look like in 70+ years time.

i just really don’t like the idea that at some point, i’ll not find out what happens in the next football season/F1 season/simpsons season


The same old shit, especially in the second two.

F1 is repetitive in the short term but by the time I’m 100 there will have been lots of eras, some of them dominated by one driver or team but some of them more competitive

What I liked about the story was that she had an 80 year old daughter. Can you still wield authority over an OAP? Was she any less sprightly than her daughter? Did her 80 year daughter’s tastes alienate her and leave her feeling old and out of touch?


i guess the other side to it is that if you lived until you were that age, surely it’s fairly likely you’d see a child/grandchild die before you :slightly_frowning_face: