Living in the country vs. Living in a town

Do you:

  • Live in a town
  • Live in the country
  • Live in the suburbs

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Do you want to:

  • Live in a town
  • Live in the country
  • Live in the suburbs

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See I grew up in the country, and I always feel drawn back there, but as I’m getting older and more aware of other people…rural areas just appear to be full of massive tories. I was reading something by Jon McGregor recently…who said that in the Peak district the well-off lived in the rural areas and commuted to Sheffield…whereas the harder up did the opposite. Alongside where I lived as a child…central Nottingham has actually been the least stressful place to live for me, so far.

I wonder if anyone votes for wanting to live in the suburbs.

Grew up in a small country village, it’s fucking shit. I have literally no affinity for rural England.


I don’t want to live in London for a bit, but my worst nightmare is turning into one of those posh ex-city country wankers that sit around rural pubs in wellies drinking London Pride.

Clarkson types, you know.

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what are we classing as suburbs?

i.e how far out on a bus from the centre does it stop being living in the town and start being the suburbs?

I have this fear…but then I think I’d have to also morph into a cunt, as well as move to the country, so I’m hoping the risk is low.

I’d class suburbs as you wouldn’t regularly walk into town as it’s too far.

The worst.

“Made shedloads when I sold the house, and I bought this old place!”

slaps hand on bar


tend to think that country life suits sociopathic types - don’t really see or interact with anyone for vast periods of time, plenty of white rich people to talk to when it suits etc.

Put suburbs as I’m envisioning the American suburbs. Basically going to live in the Home Alone house.

15 minutes on a bus

Lived in a semi-rural commuter town for a year and even as a deeply boring person it was the most boring experience of my life. Couldn’t wait to get away from it.

I’d go potty if I lived in the country.

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dreams of running a small country pub with a few rooms upstairs. cunts.

Guy I worked for briefly was like that. Thought London had become too dangerous. Lived in Chelsea.

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Which is clearly true…I also think it suits reclusive millenials who like their small circle of friends and posting on

Living in the country: Looks “pretty” but stinks of shit lots of the time, you have to drive, full of fucking tories, absolutely zero cultural diversity

It’s properly shite.


Grew up in a backwater village. So Brexit, so boring and there’s no way I’m going back to that.

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75% of the DiS workforce lives in Harringay, which is probably as bad as rural England.


Been kind of blessed to have only ever lived in Lancaster and Sheffield. Both relatviely small Towns/Cities with some lovely countryside right on the doorstep. I live about a mile from the City Centre in Sheffield and about two miles from what’s basically the Peaks. Ideal tbh.

Think I’d go a bit mad living somewhere like London. But I’d like to do it at some point if the opportunity arises.

Paddy Mcguinness is coming to the corn exchange, with his joke.