Living with Live-in Landlords: Legit or Loathesome?

I know everyone has a bad flatting story but I wonder if living with the house owner is a bit more stressful.

Pros - no letting agents or fees

  • things get fixed quickly

Cons - stress about mess

  • no tenancy agreement
  • always scared of doing something wrong


Letting fees are now illegal on new tenancies fyi

I probably wouldn’t do this unless it was dead cheap or had some locational advantage because the balance of power would be v weird.

Also deffo still get a tenancy agreement, you can find model ones online.

it’s in a good area, an area I’d really like to move to, but the tenant is still a complete stranger and there are no other tenants which does put me off slightly.

balance of power was a good phrase to use

Done it before, never again. You don’t feel like it’s your own home, you’re always just a guest in someone else’s house. Fuck that.


How does this work in relation to the Protection from Eviction Act? (i.e. someone in this situation would normally be classed as an excluded occupier and therefore could be evicted given ‘reasonable’ notice - but could a landlord voluntarily create an assured shorthold tenancy?)

This is what I’m afraid of. Thanks.

Lived with a crazy live-in landlord a while back and it was awful. Constantly telling me off for random stuff. Was always worried that they were going to kick me out

I’ve lived with mine for about five years now. It’s ok. I moan but it’s fine really. Only issues are that they’re somehow messier than me and I don’t feel in a position to say TIDY UP. Also they’re bougeee private school cultural sector type of person and there’s posters for burning man and Radiohead round the place. Would probably find them in the same pub that I go to but that’s ok.

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The answer is no apparently as the law would supersede whatever what was written in the contract

I lived in a kind of grey-area situation resembling this… It got pretty horrendous fast.

What @rarity said basically

Then again in normal house-shares you can very easily end up living with a tool who thinks they own the place, and it’s just as hard to deal with them

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yeah, must be pretty terrible for the landlord

Yeah I recently did this for two years and it drove me up the wall a bit. Got an insanely good deal on rent which made it seem all nice at the time. But she kept being really neurotic about loads of things and like repainting the living room to a slightly different shade of yellow every few months. Didn’t quite realise how much stress it was causing me til I moved into a flat by myself six months ago and felt so much more relaxed.

Upside -The house becomes yours if you murder the owner
Downside- You’ve got to weekend at bernies them every time their family comes round


One definite negative is that you can see your wages directly paying for someone’s summer holidays.


My landlord really didn’t like some of their neighbours and was a bit snobby about them. Was considering sending them all invites to a pirate-themed fancy dress party round my landlords on the day I moved out

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I literally almost got kicked out without notice because a porn ad pop-up flashed up on their computer

Oh my landlord complains about the pub nearby (the nearest pub, probs about half a mile away) and links to articles in the paper about any incidents that happen in or around the area in a really weird sneery and condescending way “another day living in ____lol”. Other rich people who bought up houses in the area do it too from my experience. Probably annoyed that they failed to gentrify it. Such odd behaviour.

It’s ok for me but reading the thread, maybe I got lucky with a relatively normal person who just seems to let me get on with it.

love it when rich people willingly move to an area and then start complaining about the area (noise from pubs, venues etc)


Like, out of embarrassment that you’d seen it?

Did it through college as landlord was a family friend. Was fairly ideal as I knew him already. It’s true that you’ll always feel like a guest and never truly at home but that was an ok tradeoff for me at 19.

I think these lot want MORE pubs but only ones they approve of. There’s hardly any pubs at all because it’s mainly religious families around here. People eh.