Living with Live-in Landlords: Legit or Loathesome?

it’s shame, I’ll probably not go see the room, he has decent choice of music/local venues though which is the most important thing for me

They were hardcore Jehovah’s Witnesses and scandalised by the whole affair. Obviously cause they were JWs I was the only one who could have caused it. And yeah it might have been me, I did occasionally look up erotica on the times they let me on there but still, disproportionate responses.

did this quite a few years ago. 3 rooms, one was landlord and his gf (now wife), it was never an issue, they were both genuinely really nice people, both really into playing and writing music outside their day jobs. the other tennants during my time were also really sound.

more interesting than that: living next door was David Mitchell

the couple i lived with have now moved elsewhere, which means i can see on zoopla how much the place sold for

purchased in 2008 for £300k and sold in 2017 for £478k

not too bad for them given that they had other people pay 2 rooms worth of mortgage during that time eh

Ah so Kilburn then?

Yeah but they chose to live with lodgers. I mean whatever floats your boat but I wouldn’t do that unless I absolutely needed to.

You can only get a shorthold assured tenancy agreement if the property is self contained e.g has a seperate entrance or a secure entrance within the property e.g is the top floor of a house and there is a lockable door at the top or bottom of the stairs.

Otherwise get a lodgers agreement.

Your rent should be inclusive of bills as you can’t be made liable for any by council tax or fuel companies etc

I’m about to become a live-in landlord so this thread is interesting haha

Is this the point in the thread where I discuss the ethics of exploiting another human’s right to housing for personal wealth?


gf lived with her landlord for 5 months then broke the year lease just to get away from the cunt

Not to sound like I’m being patronising but just try to be conscious of the psychology of it, no-one wants to feel like their home isn’t a home

he’d exhibited weird fucked up behaviour then one weekend when the other 2 tenants were out she got home on a sunday morning after a 15 hour night shift (she’d only been a nurse 7 months at this point) and he’d brought a load of cunts back from some nightclub, rave music pounding out the stereo, people smoking weed and doing drugs and fucking in every room, once she finally got to her bedroom, 3 absolute dangers tried kicking in her door because “they wanted to talk to [her] alone and get to know [her] better”. 9 in the fucking morning. honestly cannot describe the animal rage i felt when she called me and i heard them.

not to sound like a hard man but me and a pal went over there tooled up and moved her out an hour after the call, that was how we started living with each other, so kind of a happy ending :slightly_smiling_face:


So I recently applied to buy my house for a multitude of reasons - it’s either this or move to a different part of the country - but there’s a chance the house will be valued EXTREEEEEMELY highly for what it is because of its location, and the idea has been floated that I get someone to live with me to help pay the mortgage in that scenario.

I’ve been thinking this over for literal months and I am just constantly filled with horror about the idea of it. The guilt would be too much D:

So er, East Sussex metropolitan elite hit me up in a years’ time, yeh?

so in short the answer is loathesome from my POV, imo, tbh

tooled up?

Lateralus, etc


Yeah it’s an interesting point that wouldn’t really have occurred to me. I’ll be getting a cleaner in every couple of weeks and I rarely spend much time at home anyway so I think I’ll be ok. Although I guess no landlord knows they are a terrible landlord.

I suppose it all depends on how relaxed the landlords are? I have three friends who have done this. Two were brilliant to live with their tenants. Their attitude was that it is a shared house and I happen to have a mortgage on it. They never got uptight about anything. The third person really wanted someone to pay her £700 a month, but not live in the house as she liked her own personal space.

i took a rolling pin because i didn’t have a bat or anything, had it up my coat sleeve, what a nob! :sweat_smile:



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It’d be nice if there was a landlord that just charged for half the cost of utilities.

Yeah i’ve seen this kind of shit when house-hunting.