Living with other people (Polls)

Within reason (for example, eating your premium steak or using some other really expensive luxury item without asking isn’t overly cool) do you mind if people use/consume ‘your’ stuff? I’m talking a plate of your dinner if you’ve made too much, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, cupboard condiments, fridge things like cheese, veg etc.

  • Yes (Tory option)
  • No

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Depends entirely on if they’ve asked mate, obviously. Massively Tory to deny someone if they’ve asked for it, snide as fuck to just take stuff without asking.


occasionally - fine

all the time - probably not fine.


food: yes

everything else: fine

i am greedy


You get angry most for 1 following reason:

  • Not doing the dishes
  • Not doing the cleaning
  • Not paying the bills
  • Taking things that aren’t theirs
  • Making too much noise
  • Making too little noise
  • Hogging space
  • Other

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I actually don’t mind if it’s my stuff, it’s when other people do it to other people the really bothers me.

I’m a complex man.

Other: daring to exist


yeah, obviously there’s got to be some give and take really. I just feel as though it balances out over time. I’ve got to a point with my housemate where I’ll happily take some german salami he’s bought without asking, and he’ll do the same with my shower gel/bread etc.

Peace n love man.

Massively depends on what stuff it is

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Steaks, luxury item like caviar or champagne - not cool
Cheddar, toothpaste, chicken fillet, bowl of spag bol, slices of bread - cool

I haven’t lived with someone else who wasn’t my child or wife for over 20 years - and I’ve lived alone (with kids 3 days a week) for 7 years.

I’m so used to having things my way now, I’m not even sure how well I would get on sharing with someone I was romantically involved with. Worries me a fair bit


Me too tim. Love me a bit of my own space.

OP needs more poll options.

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To set your mind at ease: it’s an actual living nightmare.



You’re still lumping completely different stuff in the ‘cool’ section there though. Chicken fillet or bowl of spag bol could be what I have planned for dinner that evening, then I could get home and have nothing to eat, then I’d be massively fucked off

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just go to the shops and get a packet of noodles or something. no problem.

Nah bollocks, the absolute worst human behaviours are when people choose their convenience at the cost of inconveniencing someone else.


Can’t imagine living for more than a week or with someone I’m not shagging or parenting ever again tbh


I love my own space too - but I also like the idea of living with a partner again

Problem is when I move from the hypothetical to the actual - and see how someone I’m involved with lives (i.e. how messy they are, their attitude to washing up etc, how much stuff they have and how we would combine all their stuff with my stuff in the same living space) I’m just going, NOPE

toothpaste, bread, bit of cheddar - fine (preferably not too much cheese though - i love cheese)

chicken fillet/bowl of spag bol - absolutely fuck off