Living with Yourself

The Netflix show, and my beeve…


Has no one in the entire writing process ever spent time in the real world. Or are the terms interchangeable in America?

Really irked over this.




Seen the first three. It’s pretty toilet.

the only thing i know about it is it features an interior designer, so of course you would expect the bathrooms to be nice


It’s got Hesch from the Sopranos in it

I love crap TV though and I want to be married to Paul Rudd so I’ll take him however I can

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“He killed 16 Czechoslovakians. Guy was an interior decorator.”

“Really? His house looked like shit.”


he’s still on the go? good for him

Yeah I was shocked.

just looked him up:


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I know people love him but he is a terrible actor. Like really bad.

he’s quite well fancied isn’t he?

don’t really see it, myself

He just looks like he’d treat you really well. Not sure how much I fancy him, just want to wear a wedding dress and dance with him. At the same time find him incredibly smug and would probably hate him before the end of the honeymoon.


prolly minted too

I think they call her an ‘interior architect’, which is a term that unqualified Architects use to skirt the laws on protection of title.

Big fan of programmes like ‘changing rooms’ and ‘the great Interior design challenge’ so will be sure to watch this


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No one fancied him as Paris in BMs R&J. Ah Leo in his day.
Embarrassing confession - I once had a cry because I knew it to be an absolute truth that I would never get to have sex with him.


Haha this is true, full on dweeb.

There’s a particular type of yoga I do/did where at the end you can start to feel like you’re in a dream and anytime I hallucinate or whatever it was I always imagined I was floating in the sea and I knew R&J era DiCaprio was on the beach waiting for me.

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Fuck, what a beautiful dream!

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Ok, watched them all. Has anyone else because I have a question about that ending that no one on the internet is talking about and I must have watched it wrong…

Spolier: she was already pregnant before she ever slept with the clone. That whole episode when she was late, and the day she signed up to the dating site. Did I miss something?! It was like that bit wasnt even meant to be in it as she went to the fertility clinic the same day too and I was very confused. Did I zone out and she had a termination or realise her period started or something?!