Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth) RIP




She died years ago mate


oh wait… vera died years ago.



That’s sad news


for the record

Corrie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 'Enders






more >'s?


You okay today, sexybnm?


Went to a book signing of Jack Duckworth and Vera turned up and signed it as well

here is me with Jack and Vera


She had COPD poor woman : (


It’s amazing the longevity of much of the Corrie cast. I’ve been watching Corrie on and off my entire life thanks to my mum, and it’s incredible how many of them are still there from when I was a kid - Rita, Audrey, Ken. Even Emily Bishop only stopped appearances last year. Will be very sad when that generation all stops.


Anyone with any degree of affection for this should be following @PrayForPatrick on Twitter who regularly does reviews of episodes from the turn of the century and they are incredible:


end of a (V)era :frowning:



Absolutely fucking sensational


Just remember Corrie always being on when i was young. Literally everybody watched it. Everybody. I stopped watching around the time they killed off the Connor brothers, but probably watched, properly or passively, about 90% of episodes during the 90s. It was brilliant. Was always quite fond of Vera and Jack because, even by the standards of Corrie’s casting they seemed like the sort of believable everyday characters that could be people you know. Never felt that way watching Eastenders, and not just because of the North/South thing.


this has really done me :smiley:


I bloody love it when he does them, makes me want to hunt down episodes and go through them myself. So many amazing characters from that era, Fred Elliot, Les Battersby, Audrey Roberts, Jack & Vera, just cracking stuff.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: