How joyous is this queen? How good is her new album! I am in love.


Love the singles from the new album, big fan of her previous stuff too (‘Boys’ and ‘Phone’ especially) and cannot wait to see her live.

I do think Cuz I Love You is short on really good choons but she’s a force for good so I’ll overlook that.

S/O to her Prince collab. from a few years back.


I love her so much.

Doubt she’s ever gonna produce an album that I love, but generally on each one there’s 4/5 tracks that are winners for me so I have a nice playlist of all the stuff that works for me.

Juice is probably the song of the year so far isn’t it


Genuinely get weepy when I think about how hard she’s been working for so long and how much she deserves this success :,)


She was on 6musoc doing my first,last and everything last week. Such solid bangers she chose and spoke so fabulously about them.

She’s got some proper brilliant tunes :heart_eyes:


Great album for sure.

Never got into the second one but this is a beast.

Only downside is it’s too sweary to have on around my daughter. Whereas I seem to recall Lizzobangers is pretty clean.

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Introduce her to it early, saves a bother later on

Still can’t believe HBO went with that weak ass James Sit-down shit when this should have been the GoT S7 trailer

I think it’s more the difficulty of explaining to her she can’t say the N-word at all on top of not saying the other stuff at school.

They talk about saying the S word and they mean ‘stupid’!

Oooh yeah very fair point

Still haven’t forgiven you for this absolute shit show of a comment mate.

There are ELEVEN FUCKING AMAZING tracks on this album. And I’m not sure there’s a weak one on LIZZOBANGERS either. Fucksake, sort yourself out.

; )


I thought the album was a bit disappointing given what absolute BANGERS the singles were, but the fact that Juice is as good as it is basically means she can do whatever the fuck she wants and I will love it.


i love her so much


that’s great, she’s a GBOLizzo


Her tour has sold out every date and she’s had to announce a 2nd leg in bigger venues. Proper phenomenon shit happening. There’s been a venue change in Manchester, i don’t recall the last time someone booked into Gorilla had to be moved up to a Ritz-size venue, then sold THAT out as well. That’s some pretty good going.


Yeah. I’m pissed off. I’m late to the party with her. Only heard her stuff for the first time yesterday and love it. I definitely would have bought a ticket for her London show had it not sold out.

Kind of weird, and great, to see this happening - it doesn’t feel like that long ago that she was performing at ATP with Har Mar Superstar.


Haven’t even heard the new album yet but absolutely love her.

So many bangers

Anyone else at the gig tonight?

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I wish, Dingers.