Can you say it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please record yourself doing so


Nice one @discobot

Places we pronounce incorrectly

Fuck the Welsh


All the Welsh people I met in North Wales just said “Llanfair PG” anyway, which I can say.

So, that counts right?


I am afraid that does not count


What if I just cough then say “gogogoch” at the end.

Too late, I’m voting yes.


Surely it’s up to the Welsh to decide if it counts or not?


is this another harry potter thing


Yes, yes it is


I can say it, it’s been my pathetic little party piece since visiting my cousins when i was about 14 who lived there.

I won’t be doing a recording of me saying it atm though as I’m at work, maybe this evening if I remember.


This poll has become a tarn


Fucking hell.
Discobot has become sentient, and racist!


I had to google it, but I see what you did there.



My family lived there before I was born. Convinced my dad chose to move there to troll my mum.


Fuck you Discocunt !


I will speak on behalf of my people and say yes, this is completely acceptable. Iechyd da !


You don’t speak for me



can’t believe no-one’s said “yes of course I can say it, it’s only two letters, i & t - it”


sorry, already have !