Yes, I know it isn’t even noon, but I have a hungry toddler here who didn’t want to wait so early lunch for me.

Knocked together a kind of tofu yaki soba thing. Very good effort:taste ratio.

What are you having/what would you like to be having?

I don’t know

olive, sun-dried tomato, rocket, pine-nut and avocado wrap. Might have it in 10 minutes.

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I’d ditch the olives and maybe add some kind of leaf, but that sounds very tasty.

I invite you to return when your lunch plans are clearer.

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It does have rocket, which is prob enough leaf for me.

Not an olive fan?

Somehow missed that it said rocket :woman_facepalming:

Olives are not something I like.

Homemade carrot and lentil soup and cold toast with butter

And the remainder of those nice tarts from yesterday.

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How cold?
Soup cold!


I would like to know more about these tarts.

Co-op misery sandwich lunch. I’ve gone with the egg & bacon, contrary to the unspoken agreement I have with my gf that I will not buy this sandwich on account of how horrendously farty it makes me.

I have the moral high ground today and this is how I’m choosing to use it.

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I had mistaken them yesterday for fancy donuts, but as tarts they sound better.

The dark choc one was a bit much, definitely to eat in one go but the rhubarb crumble tart was a delight

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Bag of Wheat Crunchies
Pastrami, jalapeno + cream cheese bagel
Caramel Rocky

a small salad
a very big sausage roll

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Cathedral City spreadable + Cucumber sandwich
couple of sticks of celery

I’ll have an apple in a bit to string it out past quarter past twelve.

Not sure but look at this dog I saw



Mexican style stew. It’s delicious.