lmao is much more obnoxious than rofl

I don’t know why, but it’s true. lol is somewhere in between the two.


I think because it sounds like KAPOW it seems a bit more acerbic.

I think I hate both of them being neither are ever going to be literally true

Lol I can take tho, cos that is

:grinning: - Nice guy
:smiley: - Nice guy
:smile: - Jerk off
:grin: - Madcap
:laughing: - Jerkoff
:sweat_smile: - Oddball
:rofl: - Great guy
:joy: - Other

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I think it looks more aggressive, too. It starts off quite pointy, tallest letter first, very asymmetric.

Find myself typing “haha” to so many people as a denotation of tone that if I was actually laughing that much I’d probably be thought of as extremely disturbed

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See? I hate you now. Didn’t before about 4 seconds ago.

It is, i enjoy using it in a self depreciating manner rather than a passive agressive manner though

Lmao is laughing at someone, rofl is just laughing at a situation

pmsl is the worst because myself is one word

Oh that’s what it means! Until just now thought it was some variant of a/s/l

pissing my spants laughing


I was about to say that rolling around on someone else’s floor, asserting that dominance over the territory, is more obnoxious

but then I thought: no, there’s a greater sense of entitlement in wilfully-nilfully detaching your anus (presumably with related anatomical mess) all around said territory

so yeah agreed

Lmfaooooo makes you look a bit unhinged and aggressive

pml so true

I would argue that a grown adult using anything like these looks a bit unhinged LOL

:rofl: :joy: :joy:

steve lmaoq