#LME Beers Thursday 22nd

  • INdia Pale Ale
  • stOUT

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any suggestions for pubs in central?

Of which month? August?

dunno what you mean

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I’m seething about that edit.

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me and DB went here for some beers and it wasn’t too busy. it’s in Farringdon, EC1R 3BN


  • sounds decent
  • nah somewhere else

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Err… everyone should definitely come here on Thursday as part of, or as well as, the drinks:

Could probably manage this :+1:

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Been there and really like it.

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wont be the same without hoogy :sob:


imagine we did burrito club and then beers on the same day


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Bah, already got drinks booked in that night.

i have to do some work-related drinks in farringdon on thursday night, so maybe i’ll pop along for one after that if you’re nearby



Would really like to - in reality will have to see how I feel on the day.

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What time would you be kicking this off ezzer/DB?

Yeah… if it’s early I’ll pop in. I could be there by 5.30.

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Aye me too, will swing by for a couple (of beers).

if i’m working in shoreditch i could get there for about 6:15 or so

The Halifax of the south. Okey dokey, I’ll play it by ear then and meet the queen of alternative cream at 5:30 if she’s game.

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