#LME Beers Thursday 22nd

  • INdia Pale Ale
  • stOUT

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any suggestions for pubs in central?


Of which month? August?


dunno what you mean


I’m seething about that edit.


me and DB went here for some beers and it wasn’t too busy. it’s in Farringdon, EC1R 3BN


  • sounds decent
  • nah somewhere else

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Err… everyone should definitely come here on Thursday as part of, or as well as, the drinks:



Could probably manage this :+1:


Been there and really like it.


wont be the same without hoogy :sob:




imagine we did burrito club and then beers on the same day




Bah, already got drinks booked in that night.


i have to do some work-related drinks in farringdon on thursday night, so maybe i’ll pop along for one after that if you’re nearby



Would really like to - in reality will have to see how I feel on the day.


What time would you be kicking this off ezzer/DB?


Yeah… if it’s early I’ll pop in. I could be there by 5.30.


Aye me too, will swing by for a couple (of beers).


if i’m working in shoreditch i could get there for about 6:15 or so


The Halifax of the south. Okey dokey, I’ll play it by ear then and meet the queen of alternative cream at 5:30 if she’s game.