#LME Beers Thursday 22nd



Just need to check that I don’t have some folk coming to pick up some furniture from our flat .


Yeah might come for a cheeky one (also liking the look of that menu)


I’m bringing my mate jenny


I will be there at 6pm until whenever


@noise_ramones etc.


i wish i had a beer right now


Where’s the mayBEER option? Might come for early doors


I was in London last week, dummies


Can’t come :frowning:




I have to be up at 5am to go to Lisbon on Friday morning!

Plus i’m booked into a gym class SOZ


That’s a new one to me. Will have to try it out.


Have been meaning to to come to one of these for a while and this is RIGHT next to my work, but i’m already going to a thing at the Barbican (LME points?) Will try my best to swing by for one


Can you do this like a day or week later when I’m around please


come to burrito club the week after


Ooh when?


Thursday lunch


Time for some news while I’m in a thread called #LME BEERS

I am in London this Friday to Sunday then next weekend 3-7th March, playing a show with Post Louis on the 6th at Stour Space



yeah I’ll probably come


Btw my friend Jenny is incredible. Dont come if you dont want to fall in love.