LME bus news: Central London Bus Services Review


They’re doing a review of bus services in that London. Few increases in service, lots of cuts it seems, one new route.

Merging the 48 and 55 will irk me slightly, as they’re not increasing the frequency of the new 55. How will these changes affect your lives? Does anyone still use an Oyster card? Thank you for your time.

I use the 171 and 172.

RV1 is a good tourist bus.

The 484 seems safe which is good.

Don’t use buses as much as I used to. I do use an Oyster (with a season ticket).

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I will lament the loss of the 48 greatly. Hell of a bus. Many fond memories.



Remember finding this pretty interesting.

Personally gonna blame it on all the Uber wankers, born reducing passenger numbers and making buses slower.

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Hang on so if you want to go from Hackney to London Bridge you’ll have to get off at Shoreditch and get the 149 down there? Bollocks to that.

(Never do that route any more but still).

Yeah, seems like it. The days of being able to get a bus anywhere from Hackney are fading…

Hackney is still richly served by buses!

171 @profk

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will hopefully terminate at the Marquis of Granby now. Always thought there was no need for it to go to Catford.



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Fuck a bus.

mad that they’re reducing the frequency of the 205. always rammo.

hold on

We have developed a proposal for route 171 that would no longer run route 171 between Elephant & Castle and Holborn




where the hell would it be running between then?

Catford and E&C?

One of the reasons for bringing in Hopper fares was so that buses didn’t have to run through town, and could be more of a shuttle service.

This kind of thing was always going to be on the cards. It would have also helped with the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street (as the main logistical problem was buses running along its length to cross the west end), but Westminster vetoed it anyway.

that would suck balls (if I were still commuting from peckham to holborn every day).

tbh I was usually the last one on the bus by Holborn.

And now much, much better served by trains.

thank god my beloved P4 isn’t affected