LME: Did you just see all the planes?

  • Yes I saw the planes
  • No I did not see the planes

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I’m indoors not facing a window. I heard them though.

Wish I’d gone to work, would have been down the road

Farnborough Airshow next weekend

What’s the flyover in aid of lads? This has passed me by somewhat.

Saw them on bbc breakfast though

Centenary of the RAF apparently

OR: A coup in the wake of the cabinet turmoil

OR: Football is coming home


The Royal Academy of Arts Fund? How very abstract.

I sat in our top floor canteen and did enjoy pretending it was a military coup.



Was just out getting lunch and the Olympic park was suddenly fucking rammed. Didn’t have a clue what was going on until I looked up.

Probably should have realised earlier what it would be given that 99.9% of the people were yer Da

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There was a whole school on the grass by St paul’s cheering /screaming as each lot went by - was quite heartwarming

*Jingoistic and terrifying


Well, yeah that too


Pretty impressive. Glad they weren’t dropping stuff on us :+1:

Kids just like planes

That’s a fair point