LME dismas '19 🎄! 🍻? Craft Beer Co. Islington 18:30 20th Dec 🍻!

Would anybody like to have a simply wonderful holiday experience? It’s getting quite close and this would be very lovely. Please indicate your availability on this here poll, cheers

  • Friday 13th
  • Saturday 14th
  • Sunday 15th
  • Monday 16th
  • Tuesday 17th
  • Wednesday 18th
  • Thursday 19th
  • Friday 20th
  • Saturday 21st
  • Sunday 22nd
  • Monday 23rd
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And of course if people would prefer to do something non-pubby/a different venue than the usual, we have a DiSmas meal being organised by none other than the lovely @anon89873996 on the 15th. For rough details, click through below…

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Got so many parties/Pre xmas gatherings (not a humblebrag) I’m limited to next weekend.

Yeah bit o’ this as well. Will try and pop along as long as it isnt the 17th or 19th.

Have half organised a lunch thing for the 15th:

Was going to post a thread about it tomorrow but going to slip it in here, if that’s ok?


yes of course! sorry I missed that beforehand. @moderators could one of you post the link to FLs post in the OP please? :blush:

Obvs, that doesn’t have to be the meat, but it is a meat I guess?

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Lunch meat, coffee meat, beer meat in one day? :scream: tri-meat.


The three-bird roast of meats, to be seasonal.


Or three nut roast for veggies

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Not sure sorry. Big times.

Can I point out that @ericVI is playing a gig on Friday 3rd Jan, though (I am still unsure if I can make that :cry:)

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am up for multiple meets tbf

am likely to be in london outside of 24th-27th as doing xmas with aunt + uncle (parents are going to australia so first xmas without them :hushed:)

I’m in London on Friday 13th :ghost: and free from about 2 until 8 if any LME fancy a drink and a cry about the election results


Got quite a bit on over the next couple of weeks, but if anything’s on and I’m free, I’ll prob pop down for a pint.

Enjoyed the Xmas meets the last couple of years.

Re: lunch for Sunday 15th, Hoogy gavr this list of recommendations for the area:

Does anyone have any preferences among those, or indeed any other suggestions before I resort to a poll?

Just to note: Morito in Exmouth Market s pretty small, and they can’t seat groups of more than four together. If you’re very keen on this restaurant, then the Hackney Road branch may be more suitable.


Ah shit I forgot about this, I’ve just arranged to meet my best friend on this day ;( will you guys still be about at 7pm ish? I’ll be coming through London at about that time.

Ah :frowning: best friend beats a bunch of us tbf.

Not sure if there is evening stuff on the Sunday, has a date been decided @tuna?

Will give it another day then go for it but Sunday might be a good shout atm, that way we do the whole spectrum from lunch to pub, people can dip in and out where they please etc. Unless there’s a late Friday 20th resurgence (can always do 2 separate things anyhow tbh tbf)

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one last bump

I’m in for a Sunday meat!

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