LME DiSmeat: Saturday 25th March @ White Horse, Finsbury Park

Time: 18:00 onwards.
Location: White Lion, 125-127 Stroud Green Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 3PX, United Kingdom.
Why?: @ma0sm is in London town for work.
Invited: You.

  • I’ll be there
  • I won’t be there
  • Placeholder option

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Won’t be there, but I like the pub.

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Is that a real response @Funkhouser?


so is it the white horse or white lion?

Would have been great if it was for real

It’s certainly a response.

Would love a dismeat but the location isn’t good for me so probably a no from me

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Perhaps, I thought it would be a pain for me to get to, but just seen that you can get a direct train from East Croydon to Finsbury Park, so maybe. No football that day either.

any chance we can do more central?

be a shame if people are gonna miss out by having to go all the way to zone 2 north


Already booked on that day :pensive:

It’s like 5% but if I have access to a car then which I might, I’ll pop down. I owe maosm a cuddle

somebody should turn up to this, I don’t want maosm to be sad

I’m in London that day but for a gig at Alexandra Palace and we’ve got to get there for the supports so too early :frowning:

Not at all!

It’s more like: “I’m in London and have plans anyway, I thought it’d be nice to throw the invite open wider, but understand that it’s not the ideal location for everyone!”

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