LME - find out if you would have always been LME

Charles Booth’s Victorian London poverty maps are now online, along with an archive of the supporting documentation, and it’s pretty interesting stuff/a distracting waste of work time* [*delete as applicable]…

I recently watched some of that BBC show from a few years back ‘The Secret Life Of Our Streets’ so it’s nice to be able to browse some of the areas from that plus bits of London that I’ve lived in myself and see how they’ve changed (or not so much). Looks like all those massive townhouses that are now perched on fume choked A Roads and subdivided into eight flats were indeed for the wealthy among society. Also interesting to note the amount of farmland around the edges of Zone 2.

Of course, once our glorious authoritarian overlords transform London into an tax free citadel off the shores of Old Europe every street will be shaded in orange surrounded by a country engulfed in an ocean of dark blue :+1:

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Also useful is this site, which has historical maps for the whole country geo-referenced onto google maps, if you’re outside of the areas covered by Booth:

Not criticising like, but that only really covers one of the two tags on this thread…

My street is being described as “quiet, poor, not many living houses”.

One out of three is not too bad.

The idea of ‘living houses’ sounds fucking terrifying tbh tbf…