LME: I'm running a Countdown event in London on Saturday 6th May



Please come, even if you’re shit at Countdown! Some of my other non-anagramming mates will be there for support/bants. Or tell all your wordy/Scrabble-playing mates/relatives/TVs/work colleagues to go. (If you refer a friend who comes and plays the whole event, then you get entered into a prize draw - ask for more deets.)

All the details are here: https://focalcountdown.co.uk/upcoming-events/london/ There’s even a reference to £6 toast on there!

For just £8 and playing 6 games, you too can be frothing at the gash for Countdowners. Maybe. No guarantees.

(There are also events in Bristol, Manchester and Leeds coming up for those of yous outside of London x Details also on that website.)


Come to Scotland!




There’ll be a weekend’s worth of tournaments in Glasgow in November! :slight_smile: Used to be one in Edinburgh but the grannies at the Edinburgh Countdown Club (yes that’s a real thing) hate us because we’re too good and had different ideas on how to run it, so decided they didn’t want us to run events there any more. Shame; the one in 2013 was the only time there’s ever been a 50/50 gender split :frowning: (On average it’s 4:1 men:women)


Haha oh those pesky Edinburgh grannies! :older_woman: Sorry about that!

Ah well, Glasgow is pretty great… will you be on the bucktinis again? :wink:


a countdown to a Countdown!



I would’ve come but I’ll be in Budapest that weekend!


We’ll see :wink: Hopefully my next trip to Glasgae won’t end with me getting a police escort home though!


Aw no! :frowning: Enjoy your holiday though, I’ll begrudgingly admit that Budapest is a bit more exciting than Countdown :smiley:


Pa! busted.


what’s that then


This is within walking distance from where I live.
However, it doesn’t appear to be a tribute to Countdown as I remember it:


Each round you get put into groups of 3, and everyone plays everyone else in that group (so there are 3 games; 2 which you play, and 1 which you host). The other style is Bristol, where everyone plays the same selections from a board at the front. Lincoln style is way more fun and sociable though.