LME long walks thread II: the revenge

hi everyone, i’m sure you all remember the previous thread! (though i wont link to it as the past is best left to the past in my view). however, today i will be taking marckee’s suggestion (ish) and taking the train out to lee valley regional park and walking along it til i can’t be arsed anymore and then trying to find a suitable pub for dinner and beer.

you ever been to the area?
got any walks of your own planned?
other things

anything north of the river is shit imho

haha u mad


I used to go there a lot.

unfortunately it was when I was a child and can’t remember anything about any of the areas I went to.

hope this helps.


quite nice out tbf

Go white water rafting

I enjoyed your last thread! Thinking about some coastal walking trips but nothing planned. Accidentally walked 15 miles on saturday just around London.

How was the walk then?

Fine, don’t tell us!

very nice but far too hot out, ended up walking from cheshunt to broxbourne, stopping at a couple of lakes and sidings, then going to the crown for beers and bar snacks.

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If you can be bothered to get the train to Seaford walking along the seven sisters to Eastbourne is the best place I’ve walked in the South East.

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post photos pls

Should have done the Epping centenary on Sunday instead:


(i’ve done epping more times that I’ve done your mum, mate)

Never forget your waterproofs

It’s pretty flat around Oxford but there’s nice walks along the rivers.

Would recommend Sandford Lock to Wolvercote along the Isis, would take about 2.5 hours, 5 nice pubs dotted along the way, lots of locks and college boathouses.

I also like going down to Henley and walking along the Thames to Marlow.

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I was in the ardennes over summer.
it is nice.

Not London and I dunno if darwindudebabe posted this in the original old thread but we went walking in Switzerland, up Giessbach Falls by Lake Brienz, which is basically a succession of waterfalls over about a mile or so (maybe less but we walked several miles upwards along a rough snaking trail)

It was pretty amazing, then at the top (more or less) we stumbled on some buddhist retreat with a permaculture garden with mushrooms and stuff. Just remembered we bought some ginger dark chocolate there and I really want some now.

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nice one

we should probably just a rolling hiking or something thread and we can all post nice pictures of the outdoors.