LME mini-meat Weds 29th Jan

I mentioned this to a couple of DiSers last night who were interested so here goes: I am djing the silent disco at the Science Museum this week!

I know it’s a school night BUT it finishes at 10pm so you can still get plenty of sleep

Lots of other cool stuff happenings as well :relaxed:

Come see meeeeee


I leave my university at 8pm that day so could well come by straight after

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Incredibly tempted.
:thinking: @avery?

Very tempting, but we’ve got to go to London next weekend, the weekend after, the weekend after en route to Brussels and the weekend after.

Oh yeah :thinking:
Should probably stop spending all my money.

so you’ll be in london every weekend from now until the winchester meat?

excellent work

Yep. But don’t worry, we’ll be catching up with events in London in the tuesday after the Winch meat.

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Booo :sob:

not starting til the week after, so won’t be around for this :frowning:

where bounce you startin?

edit: sorry if you told me last night haha

NHM (the museum next to dingers)


Very very sold Guildford chat with @ttf and @badmanreturns


wrong thread

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I believe not. Castle grounds tho <3 tins hate too. Don’t tell me they’ve closed that place down/removed the statue in the middle