LME New year new meat

Anyone up for this?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Late January
  • Early Feb
  • Late Feb
  • Early March
  • Late March
  • Other

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Season 9 Yes GIF by Friends


we need to start getting this locked down

what day/s of the week would work best for you?

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu

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Looks like either a Friday or Saturday would work well - I’m erring towards Friday because then that means you’ve got two recovery days should you require them!

So, it’s looking like a Saturday late February. How does either the 18th or the 25th work for people?

18th is dead close to my birthday so would be nice :slight_smile:

  • 18 Feb
  • 25 Feb

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I think I can do both, be good if the poll let me put that

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I can’t do 18th so don’t bother changing the poll


Can’t guarantee I can come to either, because need to do life stuff, but am more free on the 25th.

Saturday? What do you expect me to do on the Friday beforehand? Suppose I’ll have to get on it two days in a row!!1

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Oh wait turns out we can’t do the 25th ffs

Can do both!

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Just checking, what sort of time of day, is this for an evening thing?

multiple choice then

  • 18th Feb
  • 25th Feb
  • neither :frowning:

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