LME thread: WWYD if London was cancelled tomorrow

Move back home to be nearer my Mum, take the plunge and change careers drastically.

I guess i’d do the aging hipster thing and move to margate

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the north london, peckham, margate, berlin moving cycle in full effect

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Margate?! I’d rather move to… Marmite!

(Could be a funny thing to say)


Skip the south london bit, obviously

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Doesnt even rhyme

I’d stay in London and go through everyone’s things.


Still Bristol.

Actually, I’d love to move to Reykjavik if there was suitable work.

since you asked, I have no idea. I’m working at a well-paid but shitty job, I’ve lived here for 1.5 years now, I have made a few friends but just up-and-leaving and starting in a new city gets harder as you get older


I would be disappointed if London were cancelled tomorrow as I am meant to be going to a gig there and that is probably a bit short notice for it to get rescheduled.


I’d wait for the comeback special on Netflix where London tells us why it never should have been cancelled in the first place

Might be moving to the south coast next year because I don’t know how to decide anything for myself


South coast is good people imo (except for that scumhole portsmouth, obviously)

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Oh go on then, solely thanks to the amazing weekend I just had there - Brighton.


It’d probably be in East Sussex so Bexhill/St Leonards/Worthing/Eastbourne - no Portsmouth for me!

But yeah I either move with my folks and the dog, or buy my council house and continue to commute in to London. So London being cancelled would actually help me decide because it removes one reason to stay put!

If I didn’t hate the thought of being more than 90 mins away from my family I’d move to Manchester, Leeds or Edinburgh probably.

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It’s ok they’d all go to Edinburgh

Don’t forget Bournemouth with its population of olds and racists


This, but with Brighton

it’s great the rest of the year too Tilty!

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