LME: Travel assistance

Going to The Big City next week and I need to get from St Pancs to West 6 by tube. Arrive into London about 10.30am

The place I’m going to is pretty much equi-distance from Hammersmith and Barons Court so I’m not sure of the best / quickest / most straightforward route. Do I go:

  • Metropolitan / Circle Line to Hammersmith
  • Piccadilly Line to Barons Court
  • Victoria / Piccadilly Line to Barons Court
  • AN Other route

Cheers in advance

Taxi from your front door, obviously.

Thought it was all about the Uber these days?

I’m not a Tory, pal.

Thought the Piccadilly went through Hammersmith too? (Although think it’s a slightly different location.) I would take the Piccadilly over H&C/Circle.

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Have a good time NV, don’t get your Barons Court!!!11

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Piccadilly all the way to Barons Court.

Piccadilly to Balonz court

(it’ll be about 10 mins quicker than the H&C line)

obvs you should get a Santander Cycle, but…

Sadiq Cycle innit.

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take the circle line (if you want a tour of post-war london and for it to take fucking ages)

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Yes and yes.


West 6 garage is showing up as between Hammersmith and Ravenscourt Park. Is that where you mean? Or are you just saying the whole postcode?

Either way your best answer will be to ask both

specifying the public transport option in the latter, and comparing the journeys they give you for the times.

(You 1 day contactless debit card wanker!)

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W6 7BT

haha can’t believe you fell for this!

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nah, use Citymapper instead isn’t it

Fuck citymapper. It’s only using the Google API, I reckon.

Yeah this is the point where I tell you to use those links yourself :smiley: