LME: Travel assistance

Cheers. I was expecting http://lmgtfy.com/?q=W6+7BT at very least

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.drownedinsound.com%2Ft%2Flme-travel-assistance%2F11269%2F17%3Fu%3D1101010 :smiley:

If you find yourself around Battersea pop in and join me and the lads in the Woody (Woodman).

To be fair I think my list of DiSers I’d like to meet is still basically just:

  1. kissinginkansas
  2. @penoid

rolls up list

it might be worth bearing in mind that there’s possibly going to be a tube strike next week (Monday - Wednesday)

TFL and National Rail APIs I would imagine, but they certainly do their own stuff as well as proven by some of their lab experiments - one that sticks in the mind is when they added Crossrail to their trip options for a while to show the effect it would have on your journey times when it opens.

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I think I just found the app really annoying for the couple of times i used it so I gave up

what on earth are you on about? it’s easily the best travel app for all the cities i’ve used it for

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Dunno. I tend not to install any app I don’t need. As I can check TFL and Google Maps already I wouldn’t bother.

Also, I don’t TRUST any 3rd party apps entirely so I’d still check TFL and GMaps to make sure anything I got from CityMapper was accurate.


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Did Tom from Decathlon call yet? I THINK YOU MAY HAVE TO BADGER HIM.


I’ll give him a call later.

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