LME: where to live in London

Recently started a new job in that there London and been moving between friends’ flats and sofas for the last few months, but now need to find somewhere to live permanently.

Started looking last night and got a bit overwhelmed with how much choice there is, so looking to narrow the search down a bit. General criteria:

  • £1400pm budget for rent
  • 2-3 bed (living with my gf & a friend so 2 is fine)
  • within 30-40 minute travel time to central London
  • would be nice if it had some pubs, cafes, shops etc nearby so not in the middle of nowhere

Initial searches were in Peckham, New Cross, Finsbury Park, Stratford, and there seems to be a fair bit within our budget in each that isn’t terrible.

Anyone lived in or round these areas, or have any reccomendations of similar places to look instead? General advice or suggestions of areas to concentrate in would be appreciated too.

Here we go!


Come to Forest Hill, it’s nice. Soon our 2 bed flat will be up for rent (we’re paying £1167 for an unfurnished 2 bed, it’s lovely). Lots of nice pubs / cafes / culture things nearby. We’re buying a flat here because we like it so much.


Have you considered living somewhere better and cheaper?


have you considered kensington?


Split between three people…

hackney is the best bit of london, obviously

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Yeah, round Peckham is pretty sound. Just do that. SE for life.


Ohhh that’s pretty reasonable from what we’ve seen. How soon is your flat coming up for rent/is it possible to sneak in there before it’s advertised?

Seems very reasonable, unless Forest Hill is a lot cheaper than Brockley? (Actually I guess it is, I suppose it’s zone 3 as opposed to zone 2).

Yeah @suapth you’ve listed Finsbury Park and Stratford, have you had a look at Hackney? Closer to central, good transport links with the Overground. Lived in a pretty huge 2 bed flat in Haggerston for less than £1400 a month.

i live in Peckham, its gr8.

Crystal Palace.
Good pubs, cafes and restaurants. Easy enough to get to central London, you can get the overground so don’t need to rely on Southern Rail.

Prices are on the rise there now so not sure on price. Lived there as a kid, wish I still did .

mate he said per month not per week

‘Central london’ is a big place. Can you narrow it down to which tube or train station you will need to get to every day?

(unless you’re planning to cycle or catch the bus into work)


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Thanks, will have a look!

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I don’t really mind anywhere in London anymore. Even awful places like Clapham have nice pubs.

So just move wherever you can afford!

You stay out of Dalston! No, please look there, it is very nice if you’re away from Kingsland Road.