Loads of big releases today eh!



Shame they all seem quite bad/disappointing so far.

Bon Iver - Laughable
Danny Brown -Don’t get him in non-guest spot form
Solange - Sounded ok but will be a grower if anything
Banks - Nah

Any more for any more?


Crazy Drum Cover #29


The Wytches - All Your Happy Life
not listened yet but their first ruled and the tracks released so far seem pretty good


Classic Banks


Jenny Hval
Ultimate Painting


Jenny Hval’s new one is great.


XXX is fucking mint, ya daft brush. not so keen on Old though

score draw



Yeah, yeah. Listening now. It’s nice. Very nice.


Oathbreaker - Rheia

like if the lassy who sang on Passenger by Deftones took over and went “can we add a bit of a black metal/converge vibe to this?”

It’s really good




Nicolas Jaaaarrrggghhhh


craig david


ty dolla $ign


Yann Tiersen


The Wytches
Have seen both of these do fun live sets but only like occasional tracks. DiS hates Slaves though, huh?


Arab Strap compilation


Heh, just remembered i bought Infinity a couple of weeks ago and have yet to listen to it.

(Apologies for the old release chat)


Infinity was pretty good. Apparently this one is quite stripped back to just him and piano…


yea, looking forward to hearing that. Last album was a corker although once you get into your ears that it constantly sounds like slow converge bits it can be irritating.


There’s a little bit of that but it’s way more towards atmospheric black
metal now