Loads of ladybirds about at the moment. Is that usual?



Is that usual?

Apparently there are loads of ladybirds

Totally misread that thread title and thought it was all about to kick off.


How about that rhyme about all the ladybird’s kids burning to death?


Probably climate change related


Is it a sexist name? Two words for a woman in one!


Cover the baby ladybirds in meth
Flick a match, torch them to death

Is it that one?


fucking plague of them in Plymouth or something. According to that guy on Radio 5 last night that comes on after they’ve stopped bullshitting about football

Are you in Plymouth, friend?


Yeah, just moving Bird’s car.


:smiley: Very amusing post!


becomes gender neutral as a result. Sexism equivalent of the ol’ double negative


There was a very moving piece about ladybird spiders on Autumnwatch last night.



Do you ever say bug (non-Dinosaur jr/Destiny’s Child)?

Are we allowed to subthread on here?





We get loads here this time of year.


Who is this ‘we’?


My house mate and I.