Loads of people are reading threads without contributing


Shouldn’t click a link if you don’t want to discuss the issues inherent imho

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Consider this my contribution to this thread.

Did you just want lots of people to agree that your boy is handsome, and that you are a man of taste and distinction?

Either that or disagree. The world doesn’t beat to the same old yada yada

I’m mostly doing that. I usually don’t have anything interesting to add. Like here, this isn’t of much interest.

On mobile you can’t tell who started a topic, only the last person to reply. Shame the ignore function isn’t actually an ignore function.

Open thread, see person XYZ, sigh and press back. Repeat.

Why don’t YOU go fuck YOURSELF?

i am contributing to this thread

i contribute to threads without reading them

you contribute to threads by keeping out of them

ouch :crying_cat_face: