Loads of people going on about Moby Dick at the minute eh

Post can’t be empty


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No, not this time

Call me ishmaelby, a carly rae jepsen/Herman melvillle mashup


Quite want this

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I like this more than your post that was “*moby’s”

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There’s a card game for everything these days eh!

Just click the little heart button under the post

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Never heard of it

Way ahead of ya!

“Way ahead of ye!”

Might be a line from Moby Dick, dunno, never read it.

Wait until I tell you about the one that’s a simulation of an intimate encounter between a human and a tentacle alien that I recently received.

I don’t want to hear about that

‘Call me Ishmael, I’m way ahead of ya’ is the opening line I think

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Too late, that’s about it.

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Remember Robert Duvall’s character in Deep Impact started reading it to the guy who went blind in space? Probably one of those endeavours you regret immediately after starting it.


A good thread idea might be to speculate about the plot and prose of famous books we’ve never read

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Reckon former West brom striker Ishmael miller’s agent used to text him during the transfer window saying ‘call me, ishmael’ for a laugh?

It would be good. Someone would suggest Moby Dick and would say “I think it’s about a whale or something”, and I would reply “wrong! It’s about obsession” and three people would smugly like my reply.

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Would you watch a film adaptation of Moby Dick but at some point that bit from Free Willy where the whale jumps over the boy happens?