Loaf of bread with flour on the top

  • Oh good, there is flour on top of my bread
  • Why the heck is there flour on top of my bread?
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Shouldn’t this flour be cooked out of it?

It symbolises something

It symbolises “farmhouse” and it symbolises me picking another loaf!


Wouldn’t actively choose a floury loaf but I don’t mind it

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For those who chose the positive response to flour being on top of their bread:

  • I sometimes treat myself to a nice spoon of flour as I love it so much
  • The only time I tolerate eating uncooked flour is on top of a loaf of bread
  • Somewhere in the middle
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The sacrifices of the Lord.

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To me it shows a high quality loaf. Not just any Joe can put flour on bread, it’s a move that artisans only learn at level 75 and above, very powerful.


mate when I see flour on the top I know this is gonna be a :fire: loaf no cap


What the loaf of bread sees when Manches finds out there is flour on top of it


Community gold for me this


shit you not, there’s a track in my “mute branches” archive somewhere that has lyrics which are just teenage me saying “farmhouse bread”

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If you make sourdough in one of those bassinet things you need to flour it so you get flour on your loaf

True breadcraft

I believe this because you are a fantastic person


Ditto things with too many seeds scattered over the top

Just put them in the dough ffs


a light dusting of cocaine = Italo house bread


Oh yeah seeds is worse. Like 95% just falls off. Pretty wasteful.


oh yeah fuck all the mad seeds and that

flour doesn’t get all up in yer teef

I like really floury rolls with sausages and/or bacon in them.

was typing about how I ate an entire farmhouse loaf with a single tin of soup once

almost accidentally typed farmhouse load

very different energy